What do you mean by ‘almost free’ courses?

Our prices can start anywhere from as low as $45 per 12 hour live course. As a nonprofit organization, we emphasize on quality and having an accessible education rather than profit. Therefore, price rates are flexible. We use this cost for expenses such as legal fees, marketing fees, website and database hosting fees, etc.

How does the referral method work?

Students can get a discount by simply referring a friend to our program. Two students do not have to be taking the same course at the same time for it to apply. For example, if a student refers our Intro to Python course, they can get a discount on their Intermediate Python course.

Can I get a refund? If so, what is your refund policy? Can I get a partial refund if my child decides to drop the course after a few classes?

If you decide to cancel our services anytime before your child begins his/her second online class, you can receive a full refund. However, if you choose to cancel our services after your child takes his/her second online class, we CANNOT give you any refunds. For more details and exceptions, please refer to our refund policy, which can be found here.

How does the payment process work?

Payments are to be executed through an online transaction either through credit, debit card or paypal options.

Does Codeucate accept donations?

Yes, we do accept donations! However, we would like to note that we are still in the process of registering for charitable solicitations, meaning any donations currently made to our organization will not be tax deductible.


What program do students use to code?

Our lessons are designed for students to use repl.it because it’s free, easy to sign up, and allows for group collaboration.

What’s the teacher-to-student ratio?

The teacher-to-student ratio is dependent on the number of students enrolled and the number of teaching assistants available, but we generally try to strive for about one teaching assistant per five students, so a 1:5 ratio.

What does a typical lesson look like?

A typical class is 2 hours long with a 20 minutes break in between. Each teacher and teaching assistant will send their group of students an individual Zoom link. The lesson is presented on a Google Slides presentation that covers the key concepts for that particular day along with examples. Students are given time to practice these concepts and ask questions. Both homework and small projects are assigned, but there are no assessments. 

Are parents allowed to accompany their students during lessons? 

Unfortunately, no. We want our students to be able to ask their own questions and learn the material on their own, so please don’t appear during our sessions and do the classwork for them. 

What are the recommended devices?

We recommend that you use a laptop or a desktop computer with reliable wifi to be able to join classes through Zoom to ensure a valuable learning experience.

Does my child need any prior computer science or coding experiences in order to participate?

No. If your child is unfamiliar with computer science, we suggest that you enroll them in any one of our introductory courses, such as Introductory Python, Introductory Java, and Introductory Javascript. More of these Introductory courses can be found on our courses page.

What is Python, HTML/CSS, Java, Javascript, and C++?

Python, HTML/CSS, Java, Javascript, and C++ are the names of the most common high-level computer programs languages and software used for coding and are integral components of computer science.

How can parents be involved in their student’s learning?

Parents can be involved in their student’s learning by providing us feedback via our feedback forms. At Codeucate, we believe in quality education and are continuously striving to make our curriculum better. We are open to suggestions and new ideas!

How long will it take my child to finish a course? 

Our courses span over three weeks with 2 classes per week, 6 classes in total. Each class is about 2 hours long (with a break included). For introductory courses, the total number of hours to complete the course is about 12 hours. 

Should my child take these courses in a certain order?

No. Your child can start with whatever course he/she is interested in. If your child is new to computer science, then we suggest starting with one of our introductory courses.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! The first class serves as a free trial for your child. 

My child can’t make it to one of the meetings. What should we do?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a make-up class for students who miss a class. If your child is unable to make it to one of the meetings it is encouraged that they reach out to their assigned instructor and make any necessary arrangements that way to ensure they get the information they need. Additionally, we highly suggest that they review the material that they missed by going through that day’s lesson plan. 

Who will be teaching my child?

Our dedicated team of interns and volunteers with prior knowledge of computer science will be available to help your child learn how to code. Our team of interns and volunteers consist of high school students and college students that are eager to share their knowledge of computer science with your child. 

Will my child be using any textbooks, workbooks, or any other physical materials for any of these courses?

We don’t require your child to use or purchase any special educational materials for our classes. 

Does my child receive anything after finishing a course?

Your child will receive a certificate after finishing the course. Please contact us if you would like any other things.

When does each course start and end?

This information can be located here. If the correct dates aren’t shown yet, feel free to sign up, and we’ll email you all the details that you need to know.

How can my child prepare before the course begins? Is there any suggested reading material?

Before the course begins, we highly suggest to make sure that they have the necessary tools to participate in our classes, such as a computer and working wifi.

If your child will be taking one of our introductory courses, it’s not necessary for them to prepare for those courses. 

If your child will be taking one of our immediate courses, we recommend reviewing the material that he/she has already learned from our introductory course. If your child hasn’t taken our introductory course, but feels ready to take an intermediate course, we suggest that they review the basics from where they had initially learned the material.

Can my child contact you outside of class hours to ask questions about the course material? If so, how can we reach you?

Yes. Firstly, if a student thinks that he/she will be asking questions outside of class, he/she should ask their teacher for their email address during class. Afterwards, the student can send whatever questions he/she may have outside of class hours to that email. Our teachers do have other obligations besides teaching, so please be patient if they take a while to respond. 


How do I become a partner with Codeucate?

The process is simple! Once you have completed the partnership form, we will get back to you with the paperwork. All we ask of our partnerships is to advocate for our organization and help recruit students as well as volunteers.


Is Codeucate a nonprofit organization?

Yes, we are incorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Illinois.