Our Team

Meet the team reinventing computer science education


Max Ye


Ever since building his own website with HTML and CSS, Max was intrigued by the world of computer science. Pursuing this further, he even created a national-award winning game. He hopes to spread his passion by creating Codeucate with the younger generations

David Ma

HR Manager

A senior at McGill University, David has always been involved in the Computer Science community. From building and developing the organization’s departments to initiating new ways to involve students, interns, and volunteers. David has been an integral part of Codeucate’s early development and he is inspired by the incredible talent of our students


Sha Ye

Director of Outreach

With 20+ years of experience in data management and 15* years of experience as as a yoga teacher, Sarah loves spreading knowledge and helping others. She helps Codeucate expanding its presence for the benefit of the students

Philip Moore

Director of Marketing

Having been in IT for 20+ years, Philip has seen the growth and development of many companies. His expertise in knowing what works to build a sustainable organization has greatly improved Codeucate spreading its mission

Shawn Chen

Director of Technology

Shawn started his career in ITover 20 years ago and is now working in AbbiVie’s R&D Data Solution Group. He brings a practical perspective in our Codeucate Software Development


Mohammed Khan

Backend Software Developer

Yash Raj Singh

Frontend Software Developer