It's Time to Start

We have a wide selection of courses covering a range of topics from as basic as variable types to as complex as abstraction and polymorphism. Difficulty is on rated on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the easiest.

Introductory Programming Concepts: Scratch

Prerequisites: none
Difficulty: 1
Content: variables, conditionals, data types, loops
Projects: simple games

Introductory Python Course (most popular)

Prerequisites: none
Difficultly: 2
Content: variable types, conditionals, loops, functions
Projects: simple applications

Introductory Java Course

Prerequisites: None
Difficulty: 4
Content: loops, methods, classes, objects
Projects: banking ATM application

Introductory Javascript Course

Prerequisites: None
Difficulty: 3
Content: syntax, arrays, objects, loops, functions
Projects: animations, small games

Intermediate Python Course

Prerequisites: Introductory Python Course
Difficulty: 5
Content: objects, classes, third party libraries
Project: data management system

Introductory HTML/CSS Website Development

Prerequisites: none
Difficulty: 3
Content: HTML tags, CSS styling, JS animations
Project: your own website

Introductory C++ Course (in development)

Prerequisites: none
Difficulty: 4
Content: conditionals, loops, vectors, pointers
Project: supermarket billing system

Computer Principles (in development)

Prerequisites: None
Difficulty: 4
Content: follows AP Computer Science Principles curriculum
Projects: none

Applications of Python (in development)

Prerequisites: Introductory Python Course
Difficulty: 3
Content: arrays, loops, functions
Projects: more complex games, data manipulation

Intermediate Java Course (in development)

Prerequisites: Introductory Java Course
Difficulty: 7
Content: third party libraries, graphics
Project: games with animations

Why Codeucate

  • Interactive: our courses add a human touch to learning computer science
  • Relatable: our volunteers are high school students who can relate with the kids they are teaching
  • Responsive: our volunteers answer as many questions as needed to help kids understand the content
  • Accountable: our volunteers attend all classes in the course they commit to, and will keep kids accountable

What You Get

  • Discounted rates: we charge little to no fees for our group lesson courses
  • High quality content: our courses have been run multiple times, and the content is continually improving
  • Friendly learning environment: everyone is trying to improve their coding skills, this is a judge free zone
  • Passionate instructors: all our volunteers are involved in the coding space (robotics, computer science club, etc)